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  • featured workspace: Traction

  • featured workspace: Traction

  • featured workspace: Traction

  • featured workspace: Hyperquake

  • featured workspace: Hyperquake

  • featured workspace: Hyperquake
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    Gigit delivers simplified job search for creative and technical pros. Connect with Cincinnati companies looking for people who value elegant design, intuitive UI, clean code, quality content and innovative technology.

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    All jobs are in the Cincinnati region. So you dont have to pack your bags or try to sell the house.


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    Support Gigit and help fund community programs focused on creative & technical arts.


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    Its not easy finding great people. Especially the kind of pros you need to fuel your business. With Gigit, your job opportunity will be in front of the best in the midwest. Talented, innovative and dedicated professionals are hard to come by these days. Find them at Gigit.

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    Graphic Artists
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    Product Managers
    Account Managers
    Customer Service Specialists
    Creative & Technology Sales
    Executive Leaders

    About us

    We love our city and created Gigit to shine the spotlight on the thriving creative and tech community in Cincinnati. Were passionate about helping connect talent with local companies and showing the rest of the world all the great stuff happening here. Were all about career development, job growth and providing better ways to attract and retain top talent in the region.

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